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Culinary Workshop

The Culinary Workshop is an unforgettable adventure into the culinary secrets of both the Polish and European cuisine. 

Workshops are carried out by the chef of Chotynia - Sławomir Kocuń who his first culinary experience gained in restaurants in Warsaw, such as: Wilanowska Restaurant and Hotel Saski. Then, he worked for the Ambassador of Colombia for one and a half years, and as a chef at Yesterday Restaurantin Warsaw for nine years. In Chotynia Manor House he has been working as a chef for ten years so far.

The Culinary Workshop Program:

• welcoming guests by the chef

• discussing all the dishes to prepare

• division of the group into four subgroups (depending on the selected menu)

• each group prepares one dish from selected sets – according to the recipes of the chef

• during the workshop, Sławomir Kocuń reveals the guests his cookery art secrets

• after the workshop - dishes prepared by the participants are served at the dinner

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