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Wine Workshops

Jarosław Cybulski - a wine connoisseur and collector, creator of the leading companies importing high quality wines, currently a president and co-owner of Wine4You, a long-term advisor to the President’s Office in terms of the wine and food selection at the official receptions and meeting with heads of state (including Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the U.S. President Bill Clinton, the King of Malaysia, and many other presidents and prime ministers). He has advised to a number of well-known personalities from the world of culture and business. He is an author and advisor of numerous articles and publications, and a participant of TV and radio broadcasts about wine. In Chotynia Manor House wine lovers have a great opportunity to develop their knowledge about wine. In our nineteenth-century cellar we organize meetings of wine lovers, professional Wine Workshops, trainings, courses, and presentations about wine world. We also organize dinners combined with wine tastings. Wine Workshops away are possible: e-mail: cybulski@chotynia.pl.

"He, who can enjoy, does not drink wine any longer, but tastes its secrets." (Salvador Dalí, 1904-1989)

Before we invite you to a dinner, we offer professional Wine Workshops in the nineteenth-century Chotynia wine cellar. Wine-tastings are carried out by Jarosław Cybulski, who talks about varieties of grapes, regions of origin, wine producers, flavors, and aromas contained in the wine. The cost of the wine-tasting is a cost of the wine consumed. We offer from 6 to 14 different wine sorts. The wine that is left after the tasting is served in carafes and used for further exploration by the candlelight dinner and the warm glow of a fireplace. Wine Workshops are for both wine lovers and people professionally involved in the wine business.Each workshop is designed to fit the individual needs of participants.

We propose the organization of workshops in two forms: before a dinner or during a dinner (a dinner divided into two parts: an appetizer and a soup served, then going to the wine cellar for the workshop and coming back for a main course and a dessert). All the participants receive a certificate confirming their participation in the workshop.

The Chotynia Wine Workshop includes:

1) Wine-tasting in three stages: eye, nose, mouth.

During the tasting, you are encouraged to discuss and to exchange your experience.

2) Selection of wines to dishes: rules of matching wine with food.

Rules of serving wine (temperature, type of glass, order, decantation).

3) Reading the label

Exploring the wine through the label. How to understand the names, regions, appellations, and other designations indicated on the label.

4) Varieties of grapes: necessary information about different varieties of grapes. Myths and facts.

5) Winemaking: the most important information about winemaking. Paying attention to differences in the processing.

6) Practical advice: where and how to buy wine, how to store wine, what about the home cellar, vintages, defects of wines, and many others.

The cost of professional Wine Workshops for groups depends on the selected wines to taste (PLN 110 – 180 / per person).

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